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Capri pants have a bad reputation for a reason: they shorten the legs (especially if you are petite), and highlight the wide or muscular calves. But now, there are ways to be fashionable without becoming a victim.

If the capris are too short or too long, your legs will look very thick and your calves huge.

The right length of capris is different in every woman, but it will always be somewhere below or above the widest part of the calf.

It is difficult to find the perfect length, so it is importart to try on different lengths of capris in front of a mirror to see which one you stay with.


The challenge is to find a pair of capris that end in the thinnest part of the leg. Length is everything when it comes to looking good on capris.


1- Thick legs

If you have very thick or muscular calves, wear pants that cover your calves and end just above the ankle. They will be flattering with your body.

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2- With normal size legs

If you have normal-sized calves, use capris that end just below the calf muscle, between the calf and ankle. This is the narrowest part to emphasize.

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3- With skinny legs

Use them on the widest part of your calf so that your calves look wider.

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Finally ... Tips for wearing these pants:

- Use a single color from top to bottom to look taller, like a black top and black capris, all with black or black print.

- DO NOT mix brightly colored capris with bright colored blouses and bright accessories. It's too much. Instead, mix colorful capris, for example: red, with a buttoned white shirt and black sandals for a sophisticated look.

- Choose capris of neutral colors such as black, blue, gray, white and brown and accentuate with a colorful blouse.

- Do NOT wear capri pants with large patterns if you are small or petite, and do NOT wear capris with small patterns if you are a plus size. Keep things balanced.



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